Isabella Lauschner

Isabella Lauschner
(Founder & CEO)
Tel: +49 89 9982 0958 1


Philosophy of life: “Live and let live”

colorbirds founder Isabella Lauschner, Certi­ fied Manager of Communication & Marke­ ting, feels at home all over the world, and so too in Miami or Madrid, where she has lived and worked for prolonged periods. The charismatic entrepreneur loves the flam- boyant diversity of cultures and this is also reflected in her company: her colorbirds make up an international team – excellently trained, attractive and experienced men and women from France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Africa and Germany.

The CEO enjoys being part of this cosmo­ politan team and likes referring to herself as a “colorful bird”.

She is anything but convinced of an anony­ mous, purely expedient working relationship. The opposite is rather the case – personal contact with her colorbirds plays a vitally important role. In her agency, this integrative approach to communication is reflected right down to the smallest detail. There is an intensive and personal bond linking her office staff with every colorbird. And her clients also sense and appreciate this in particular.