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Everything about colorbirds and your application


colorbirds is a recruitment agency for hosts, promoters and models in the greater Bavaria area. As a partner of Messe München and Messe Nürnberg, there are a particularly large number of jobs at trade fairs in addition to classic events and promotional campaigns.

Despite digitization, personal contact is very important to us at colorbirds! We are a rapidly growing community and our colorbirds come from many different countries. We love it so colorful! Our motto is: “We are all ONE”

We will show you how the perfect sedcard is created at colorbirds here.

Since December 2016 we have been offering a variety of flexible part-time jobs in the greater Munich and Nuremberg area. From time to time we are also represented in other major cities such as Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. The best thing to do is to include as many larger cities as possible in your application.

You should definitely be likeable and outgoing and enjoy dealing with people. You should also have a well-groomed appearance and enjoy working in a team. In addition to very good knowledge of German, other languages are advantageous. Even if it's your very first job at colorbirds, don't worry! We will then consciously place you with experienced colorbirds who will be happy to show you everything.


here let's go to the application.

colorbirds offers jobs exclusively via so-called "short-term employment".


  • In contrast to the mini-job on a €450 basis, short-term employment is not taxed at a flat rate. Therefore, you will be registered by us with your income tax class in the months in which you work as a colorbird.
  • you are insured by us during your assignment and on the way there
  • short-term employment allows you to work only when you want to. You are not obliged to work a minimum number of hours per month
  • short-term employment is exempt from social security contributions. So you have little or no deductions, depending on how much you otherwise earn parallel to the colorbirds job.

For general questions you can reach us as follows:

Our opening times are Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you are booked for a project, you can reach your project manager directly via the message tool in the app.

Good knowledge of German is important. If you speak another language, that is very welcome!

We need your residence permit with your work permit.

With us, no termination is necessary, as you are only under contract for one event and are otherwise completely free. However, to stop receiving job emails, you must let us know if you wish to unsubscribe. Please write to us here a message. It is important to know whether we should delete your data completely or whether you just want to pause, for example because you are going abroad for a few months.


Please register first here in our system. We will then contact you as soon as possible with a casting appointment.

Normally we have a fixed casting appointment in our agency once a week, where we get to know you personally.

Gathered around a table in small groups, you get to know us and we get to know you in peace. Personal contact is very important to us. Please be informed that we will also take photos for your sedcard. Simple clothing and a neat hairstyle are recommended here.


Due to the current hygiene measures, our castings will take place via video conference until further notice zoom instead of. Here we will send you a meeting link beforehand.

For your questions and communication, please contact your responsible project manager by e-mail, via our app or by phone.

Please use WhatsApp as an exception and only for very important and urgent matters.

The same applies to your questions and communication, e.g. on monthly statements, personnel data, payroll accounting, etc.: please send an e-mail to

We need pictures of you for your sedcard. This is practically your business card with which we introduce you to our customers - your chance to convince them of yourself! For this we need at least 3 pictures of you: 2 portraits and 1 full-body photo. Of course, we are happy to receive professional photos from the photographer, but you are also welcome to ask family/friends to take a few photos of you. Please make sure that you have a neutral background, that the photo is only of YOU and not part of a group photo and that the resolution of your camera is set to high. Please avoid shadows on the face/body. If you have long hair, feel free to do one of the portraits with your hair loose and one with your hair tied. Please also make sure that you wear neutral clothes in your pictures (bare midriff, low neckline, etc. have no place here). This can be a simple T-shirt and decent trousers or a business outfit. Try to include a little variation in your pictures so it's not 3 times the same facial expression and outfit. In general, it is important that you appear likeable in the pictures - so please pull the corners of your mouth up! Please always keep us up to date if you make any external changes, e.g. to your hair color. Up-to-date images are always welcome!

We often get clear guidelines from our customers after we filter our database for our job postings. As a result, you may get a job offer but your girlfriend doesn't - and vice versa. For example, the customer may have only ordered shoes in size 40 for his host/diners, but you have size 38. You see, it often depends on the little things and has nothing to do with your personality. So please don't blame us if you don't get a job offer sent to you!

The earlier you apply for a job with us, the higher the chance of being shortlisted. In general, there are a limited number of positions - if they are full, they are filled. In some cases we can decide for ourselves who we use for the jobs. We pay attention to how you behaved during your last assignments, what qualifications you have and whether we think the job suits you. Often the decision also depends on the customer. That's why it can sometimes take a few days before we can give you a final confirmation or rejection. In order to increase your chances, please make sure that we have sufficient and good picture material of you.


Account” as a PDF file. Please check all data again carefully. If everything fits, confirm the contract by entering the date and time and clicking on "save". You will receive your personal password to open the PDF from your project manager.

Important: Only works with the following browsers: Google Chrome/Firefox

The tasks range from assembling goodie bags, registration and checkout activities to looking after the exhibition stand/info counter, light service activities and much more! If you've been with us for a little longer, you'll see that it never gets boring and you'll get an insight into a wide variety of areas!

We would be happy if you recommend us to your friends and our colorful colorbirds community will grow. At many major events and trade fairs you have the opportunity to work together with your friends. That makes making money twice as much fun. The earlier you announce this, the higher the chance of a joint mission.

You will usually receive your briefing 2-3 days before your assignment so that there is enough time to prepare for the check call.

The check call takes place the day before your assignment by 12:00 p.m. and clarifies all the details again. The styling, the dress code and the meeting point are discussed. We'll brief you again by phone on what the customer values and what needs to be considered - so that nothing stands in the way of a successful assignment.

In general, the earlier you let us know, the better. Please ALWAYS contact your responsible project manager (contact number in the briefing) and NOT the customer directly. This gives us the opportunity to control directly and, if necessary, to organize a replacement for you.

It's not possible to say that in general - it depends entirely on your commitment. Which clothing you should wear for your assignment is therefore already described in our job offers. In general, it can be said that the majority of host/food jobs require a private black and white business outfit (black trousers, white blouse/shirt, black blazer/jacket, smart black shoes). So if you don't have this and would like to do more hostess jobs, it makes sense to get this. With promotion jobs it is usually a bit more casual. Often you will be asked to wear private, neat jeans (without rips) and well-groomed sneakers - as a top you will often get a t-shirt with the customer's logo. In some cases, you will also get the complete outfit from us or our customer - you see, it always depends on the job!

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We would like everyone to start their assignment together as a team and introduce themselves to our customers together. Our experience has shown that there are always small delays. 15 minutes is therefore a good “buffer”.

Our breaks correspond to the legally prescribed break times:

0 – 6 hours daily working time: no break

6 – 9 hours daily working time: 30 minutes break

9-10 hours daily working time: 45 minutes break

Yes! We will also reimburse you for the breaks required by law. This also means you don't have to subtract them from your total hours on your timesheet.

All you have to do is clock yourself in and out on site using the colorbirds app to record your actual working hours.

You send the proof of hours immediately after your assignment by email to your project manager.

In general, you are responsible for your own food. Therefore, please NEVER help yourself to buffets, snacks or similar without an express request/invitation from your local contact person. After all, we are there to work and not to eat away at our customers' food.


You will receive your salary on the 15th of the following month. If this falls on a weekend or holiday, you will receive your salary on the next working day.

Please make sure that you have sent us all necessary personnel documents! (Proof of status, social security number, tax identification number, income tax class, account details, etc.?

Your wage slips may show any income tax deductions. You can claim this back at the beginning of the following year via the annual income tax return at the tax office and have it refunded.

If your work as a colorbird is your only source of income, you can state income tax class 1 on your monthly statement. If you have another job (which is not a mini-job) and is billed there under income tax class 1, you have to be in income tax class 6 at colorbirds. It is your responsibility to state the correct wage tax class on your monthly statement.

Overview of all wage tax classes (LSK):

LSK 1: Living alone

LSK 2: Single parents or those living separately who receive child benefit

LSK 3 and 5: Married (LSK 3 with the lowest deductions / LSK 5 with the highest deductions)

LSK 4: Married

SLK 6: Employees who are already being settled with another employer via SLK 1

If you still have a mini job as a student > 450 euros, please check whether you are billed at a flat rate by the mini job employer or via LSK. In the case of flat-rate taxation, you can work as a colorbird via LSK 1.

Your status describes your current employment, whether you are, for example, a pupil, prospective student, or possibly already an employee.

The status proof is proof of your current employment. You need:

  • a school certificate as a student
  • a certificate of enrollment as a student
  • an employer statement as an employee

As soon as your status changes, please inform us by email and send us your new status proof. It is your responsibility to have all the necessary documents and personal information before your assignment are correct and complete.

In your personal data sheet (you will receive the link to the online personal data sheet by email after the casting), you enter all the information required for your payroll accounting. It is your responsibility to keep this information (as well as your proof of status) accurate and complete before to deposit your stake in your profile. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

Gesetzlich ist eine „Kurzfristige Beschäftigung“ auf 70 Tage pro Jahr begrenzt. Arbeitest Du mehr als 70 Tage, müssen sowohl Arbeitgeber als auch Arbeitnehmer rückwirkend Sozialbeiträge für die bereits gearbeiteten 70 Tage zahlen. Die 70-Tage-Grenze gilt arbeitgeberübergreifend, d.h., wenn du noch weitere kurzfristige Beschäftigungen ausübst, werden die gearbeiteten Tage aller kurzfristigen Beschäftigungen zusammengezählt. Es ist daher sehr wichtig, dass du den Gesamtüberblick über deine Arbeitstage behältst und uns bei einer anderen kurzfristigen Beschäftigung immer über die dort geleisteten Arbeitstage regelmäßig informierst z.B. per Mail an

Yes, but it is your responsibility to keep track of the total number of days you have been on short-term work per year. In the calendar year, 70 days must not be exceeded - otherwise there are penalties and additional payments for your social insurance, which you have to bear. You must also note that you can only assign wage tax class 1 to one employer per month for your payroll. All other employers must be settled using income tax class 6. This is also your responsibility!

Please note that there are income limits that can lead to a reduction in BaFöG. Please enquire.

Please note that there are income limits to be observed, exceeding which obliges you to have your own health insurance. Please inquire with health insurance.

here you will find the template for the declaration of intent to study. Please upload this in your personal profile under Documents.