If your work as a colorbird is your only source of income, you can state income tax class 1 on your monthly statement. If you have another job (which is not a mini-job) and is billed there under income tax class 1, you have to be in income tax class 6 at colorbirds. It is your responsibility to state the correct wage tax class on your monthly statement.

Overview of all wage tax classes (LSK):

LSK 1: Living alone

LSK 2: Single parents or those living separately who receive child benefit

LSK 3 and 5: Married (LSK 3 with the lowest deductions / LSK 5 with the highest deductions)

LSK 4: Married

SLK 6: Employees who are already being settled with another employer via SLK 1

If you still have a mini job as a student > 450 euros, please check whether you are billed at a flat rate by the mini job employer or via LSK. In the case of flat-rate taxation, you can work as a colorbird via LSK 1.

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