Philosophy & Values

Philosophy & Values

Every customer has their own particular ideas, objectives and needs, which we seek to satisfy. That is why we always act in line with philosophy:


Maximum quality and customer satisfaction are a top priority at colorbirds. Our expert agency team bears the stamp of high solu­ tion­seeking competence and one­hundred percent reliability. With great commitment and that “extra mile” in the service sector, we give our customers clarity and ease of mind. They value us as trusting and reliable human­resource specialists in every respect!

Human Approach

We at colorbirds think highly of personal contact with people. Precisely that is our strong point! We don’t see just a “key account number” or an “HR data record”, but the person behind. That is why we devote a great deal of time and effort to real encounters, whether at the end of a telephone line or on a person­to­person basis. This approach is welcomed and comes as a surprise to many people, especially in a world that is growing increasingly digitalized! Those sharing the same set of values remain loyally at our side.


colorbirds stands for a culture of openness and appreciative cooperation. We live this philosophy in the course of our day­to­ day work. Clearly definable processes and honest collaboration on equal terms gene­ rate trust, but can also involve mistakes. This open approach may not at first seem to be the easiest course to adopt, but it has proved to be the most consistent. We are convinced of this! Honesty builds bridges between people and every day we never cease to be amazed by all the little miracles these bridges can produce.


You cannot score successes on your own, they are achieved through joint action! In the colorbirds office, everyone can spread their wings and contribute their own expertise. In regular team workshops we all develop together.

In keeping with our colorbirds slogan in the field “WE ARE ALL ONE”, we also share the vision of building up a strong, colorful and international colorbirds community, in which every talent is seen and interpreted indi­ vidually.

Joy of Life

On a day­to­day basis, it is very important for us to cultivate a positive attitude in the colorbirds agency. The vibrant event sector can best be combined with a touch of cheer­ fulness – especially in challenging situa­ tions! That is precisely why our clients like working with us so much and appreciate our enthusiasm and joy of life. Because a good mood is infectious – even on the telephone!

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